Why Kepak Burgers are the Best in the Business!

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Here at Kepak, we pride ourselves on being market leaders and innovators in the food industry. With over 50 years’ experience producing quality meat to our suppliers and customers, we’re certain we know a thing or two about beef!

Kepak produces a number of high-quality beef burger options which promise to satisfy and satiate hunger in an instant. But what exactly makes Kepak burgers so great? We talked to Paddy McMahon, Kepak’s Research, Innovation & Technology Manager. Paddy is responsible for researching and developing innovative new products for a wide range of customers, as well as keeping on top of current market trends. With over 34 years’ experience with Kepak, Paddy has the lowdown on what makes a great burger, and what makes Kepak burgers even greater.

Naturally, the first (and arguably the most important) step in creating the perfect burger patty is to source some 100% Irish beef. Kepak fosters relationships with Quality Assured cattle farmers who hail from every corner of the country. We are proud to work with Irish farmers who have been producing world-class beef for decades.

Here at Kepak, we believe that consistency is important and we endeavor to produce high-quality food solutions. This ethos is at the heart of our manufacturing process. We use state-of-the-art processes that ensure each beef product is of the highest-quality possible before it leaves the facility. We are proud of our factory accreditations (BRC & IFS) which verifies our compliance and Legal compliance to Food Safety, Quality & Integrity.  Every production is fully supervised by the Quality Control team who ensures every step of the process from the raw material coming into the finished product is controlled and meets our high specification.

Some of these high-end processes include Near Infrared (NIR) testing which is integral for measuring fat content. Ground beef is weighed as it passes to the blender and scanned by NIR equipment to analyse Fat, Protein, Moisture & Collagen, ensuring consistency of our product from batch to batch.

We also undertake Temperature Monitoring, ensuring our beef is at prime temperature before it enters our facility, and throughout our distribution chain. Beef that is stored at an incorrect temperature risks a growth in bacteria and pose a risk to health. Kepak combats this risk by constantly monitoring our beef throughout the process, ensuring that the product adheres to EU legislation of food hygiene and quality. We draw on our in-depth knowledge of the beef industry to ensure the highest level of quality for each and every product.

Kepak aims to provide Irish beef that our customers can enjoy every day. Our range of frozen burgers avoids the use of artificial colourings, flavourings and sulphates which are common in fresh burgers. We believe our frozen burgers offer a more consistent, high-quality burger ideal for any business. Our frozen range cooks quickly and efficiently, but we never compromise on taste, texture or experience.

From decades of experience and knowledge, Kepak continues to grow and foster relationships with Irish beef farmers to produce the best-quality beef products for our clients, leading the way in Food Solutions.

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