The Importance of a Loyalty Programme

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Customers should be at the heart of a business and it’s vital to remember that keeping existing customers is just as important as getting new customers. Loyal Customers are extremely valuable to any business; a loyal customer is worth more to your business than a one-off no matter how much they spend. If you don’t invest in customer loyalty, you’ll end up losing more customers than you gain.

A successful loyalty rewards programme is dependent on the gathering of customer information and data. Having a point-of-sale (POS) system is key to gathering customer information giving you key insight to what is most popular on your menu with your repeat customers. This gives you the opportunity to target such customers with specific loyalty offers to dishes that they have repeat purchased.

To better your loyalty programme and understand the wants of your customers it’s important that you get feedback from those customers. Asking them what reward’s the liked and disliked, getting customers to leave comments or reviews on your Facebook or Twitter account.

Keep your customers informed of how many points they’ve earned, ways to do this is through their account or on their phone ideally an app. The benefit of a loyalty app is that you can display your menu and advertise limited time offers.

A loyal customer base is so important to your business and it shouldn’t be ignored in favour of new customers.

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