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Maximise margins with Big Al’s product solutions and see your profits soar

Having clarity and thought through forecasting focusing on dish profit margins is important to running a successful food & hospitality business. Businesses everywhere are focusing on strengthening margins considering the increasing costs of running a business. Here at Kepak, we understand that trying to balance dish quality with strong margins can be a difficult process. Therefore, we’ve put together some top tips and insight into how you can maximise your menu margins!


What business margin percentage should you aim for?

The global restaurant margin average currently stands between 2% – 6%. However, it is possible to go above the global average, as some operators are achieving margins of +15% through clever business initiatives and a particular emphasis on menu items which support the bottom line.

Operators are improving margins by taking time to look closely at their businesses – examining their best-selling dishes and dish margins to make sure they are focusing on profit-maximising opportunities. By balancing the high and low-margin products on menu’s operators are achieving strong margins through a variety of savvy and impactful dishes such as loaded fries.

Now is the perfect time for operators to re-think menus and ensure all ingredients are working hard across dishes! With the foodservice industry predicted to see a 27% sales increase in 2022, doing the groundwork on menus now will help propel businesses into the future.


Creating ‘accessible & indulgent’ menus

Indulgence is widely sought out by consumers across all sectors when dining out, with ‘treat’ being the most common consumer reason for eating or drinking out of home. This highlights how vital it is for operators to consider added indulgence when crafting their menus.

Adding indulgence to a dish doesn’t have to add complexity. There are smart ways operators can improve dish margins by pairing high and low margin products to create margin-efficient dishes while delivering on taste and indulgence. Loaded fries are the perfect example of a margin-maximising indulgent dish! By pairing two contrasting profit margin products, such as fries as a high margin product as the base, topped with higher costing proteins and paired with sauces or additional flavourings, creates a winning menu item without bringing up the costs of creating the dish.


Take quality over quantity approach

Whilst it’s important to offer consumers a good range of options, considering quality over quantity should also be at the forefront of operators’ minds. This is why a streamlined menu can help you create a stand-out offering that meets consumer needs and minimises complexity back of house.

Maximising core products within the business helps minimise the need for a large number of ingredients, and in turn, reduces waste. Adopting this approach will allow you to protect dish margins whilst having an enticing menu.

Providing your customers with choice through dish customisation is a trend taking the streets by storm. You can find creative ways to balance high and low-profit margin items whilst remaining competitive. Why not try Big Al’s Poppin’ Chicken served on fries, in a baguette, in a rice bowl or even in a salad bowl? These are great ways to make sure you are protecting margins and giving customers the choice and menu innovation they desire.


Get inspired!

Introducing Big Al’s Buffalo Poppin Loaded Fries


This simple consumer-favourite recipe idea is one you can whip up with minimal effort but still serve a flavour-packed dish. This is the perfect on-the-go indulgent snack suitable for multiple dayparts.

This recipe concept only involves 4 ingredients! Simply create a base of fries, top with Big Al’s Poppin Chicken tossed in hot sauce and drizzle with garlic mayo or your sauce of choice.

Big Al’s Poppin’ Chicken cooks from frozen in the oven in 12 to 15 minutes or can be deep fried in just 3 minutes! These are the perfect addition to any operator menu to cope with high-demand and fast-moving outlets.



Big Al’s product solutions

Quality You Can Trust – Big Al’s Poppin Chicken is made of 100% chicken breast and seasoned with a unique Big Al’s Southern Fried flavour!

The Frozen Advantage – Cooking perfectly from frozen, Big Al’s Poppin Chicken can be prepared in minutes and helps operators combat waste by only cooking what they need when they need it.

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