Make The Most of Your Menu with Meat On Meat!

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The Bigger The Better!

Meat on meat is a simple addition to any operator’s menu, creating the perfect stackable moment can be achieved by everyone.

‘Instagrammable’ moments continue to be popular in the food industry, never missing an opportunity to showcase that super-stacked burger. Living for the gram hasn’t gone away, especially now people are going back to their “new normal” and sharing their experiences for all to see on social media. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing is meat-on-meat super stacks, where practicality goes out the window!

This trend is just set to grow even more throughout 2022/23! Showing that these are gaining popularity and hitting the mainstream, the likes of big burger restaurants such as Five Guys and McDonald’s are offering double and triple-stack burgers.

Stacking offers!

While stacking up is trending, some consumers might prefer not to go big. This is why having a double up and extra toppings option on your menu will help to cater to all consumer needs. Operators such as Nice Burger and Gordon Ramsay Street Burger are already doing this.

Stacking isn’t limited to patties; you can also create a burger tower using bacon or pulled pork to go the extra mile. Toppings don’t stop there as you could even create your own surf and turf, combining a beef patty with lobster to make it extra luxurious. Check out all of the impressive burger stacks fresh from the streets below.

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