Celebrating National Hot Dog Day

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19th July is National Hot Dog Day – a celebration of the great American classic that has swept across the UK on the wave of popularity Americana dining is currently enjoying.

Here at Big Al’s we’re proud to help operators tap into a range of food movements depending on their target market and seasonal trends. Americana dining is something we’ve got a lot of experience in.

Our range of products slots perfectly with the emergence of Americana while our Big Al’s Diner is a branded concept that brings the cuisine to life, helping operators indulge consumers in an immersive experience that transport them back to the 50’s, when iconic American food as we know and love it was first conceptualised.

But this is a day for one menu selection in particular, the hot dog.

It’s a booming market; 58% of hot dogs are currently sold for £5 and more, with outlets who sell hot dogs see an average spend of £10 or more. Suddenly, there’s something more than just nostalgia enticing you to stock up on hot dogs for your venue!

Big Al’s Hot Dogs offer the perfect route to market for operators looking to capitalise on this opportunity. Easily personalised, they fit the premiumisation craze that is attracting millennials in particular, hot dogs are the ideal menu option for operators keen to upsell and drive profit on an staple item that’s currently flourishing.


However you’re celebrating on 19th July, offering a deal on hot dogs is a great way to show customers your range and make sure they come back again and again!

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