Let’s Get Indulgent!

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Bring Extra Indulgence to Your Menu!

Research suggests that consumers are now looking for new and exciting indulgent dining out experiences post-covid. It is vital operators re-think their offerings to make sure they live up to high consumer expectations.

Did you know that dishes using Angus beef have higher average dish prices primarily due to their association with premium beef?

How can operators achieve this?

Well one way of doing this is by going gourmet! ‘Gourmet indulgence’ is no longer strictly sought out in the high-end or Michelin-star restaurants, we’re seeing these indulgent offerings across the board, from street food vendors to quick service outlets, No one is out of bounds! Our Big Al’s Gourmet Burger Range is perfect to meet this trend!

The fast-rising flavour of truffle is a great example of how luxurious items are being offered more widely to consumers.

What operators are doing this?

Dirty Bones, the London-based NYC-inspired burger joint gave their customers the perfect harmony of gourmet meets street with their reverse truffle cheeseburger. offering an indulgent and high-end taste with a messy street look by smothering the burger in truffle sauce.

Now it’s your turn to get extra indulgent with your burger menu!

Going gourmet could be as simple as upgrading your beef! Opting for Angus or Hereford beef is an easy way to premiumise your burger offering. For extra indulgence, why not add a bacon mac and cheese topping?


Discover More Ways to Bring Extra Indulgence to Your Menu!

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