How To Relieve The Pub Pain Of Enticing Millennials

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A concerning prospect for many publicans, is the fact that pubs don’t pay as large a role in the social lives of Millennials, as they did for previous generations. Many are choosing to abstain from alcohol, with 78% of 18 – 26 year olds, classing themselves as low to medium drinkers.[1]

Despite this generation holding a reputation for staying teetotal, for those that do drink, they tend to opt for quality alcoholic beverages and don’t want to compromise on taste. Premiumisation is so important and offering higher premium alcohol is a great way to upsell. Offering premium soft drinks too, ensures you are appealing to all tastes and creating an atmosphere where customers feel like they are getting an elevated experience and justification for spending their money.

Food is a main attraction for millennials, and plays a key part when planning their social occasions. With social media driving the food occasion, it’s important to consider making food visually appealing. The instagrammable moment is key, and a factor that entices customers to order. With millennials also becoming more health conscious, sharing boards are ideal giving customers the option to eat as little or as much as they wish. Grazing with friends encourages dwell time and becomes part of the social occasion.

Recognising the importance of offering a range of dishes that rival high-street chains is key to driving footfall, attracting new customers and driving spend. Therefore, working collaboratively with their customers, Big Al’s have created the Pub Food Guide, which includes a range of menu solutions and branded food concepts that deliver on taste, quality, and convenience. Big Al’s products can be microwave cooked from frozen, and include an extensive range of flame cooked products including burgers, chicken wings, hot dogs and pulled-pork, perfect for the pub environment.

The Pub Food Guide is available for download from the Big Al’s website. Features include a deep dive into the importance of food within pubs, recipe ideas, and advice on promoting your food proposition.



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