Delivery Done Well: Technology to Drive Delivery Success

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Digital Solutions that are Driving Successful Food Delivery


It’s important to consider the right fit for your business when choosing a technology partner for your online food delivery service. The online ordering system you choose can not only affect your consumer’s user journey, but it can also significantly impact your profit margins too.

Third-Party Aggregators & Online Ordering

Third-party online aggregators are very popular, often for companies who don’t have a site on their own, these third parties will work to facilitate with technology, marketing and customer support services in exchange for a % of the margin of every online order. There are many market examples of this, such as Just Eat and Deliveroo.

A lot of restaurants are using these third-party online aggregators to receive online orders. However, it’s important to note this may well impact your hard-earned profits due to the third-party fees. Another key consideration is that you will not be able to have direct access to your own customer base online. This can result in a less personal experience for the customer and a lack of messaging control too.

Branded Web Ordering Solutions

We recommend branded web ordering solutions for our customers because we know how much our customers value being in control of their own messaging, marketing and online ordering. If you want to ensure total access and control for your online ordering system, you will need your own branded web ordering solution. Having your own online ordering solution technology can not only help you grow your profits but also provide you with your own marketing tool and platform to uncover insights and customer loyalty.

To help our customers make the most of the online and in-store ordering opportunities, Kepak Foodservice has partnered with Flipdish, one of the leading providers of online ordering websites and apps for foodservice operators. If you are a Kepak customer based in Ireland, you can get unique access to our exclusive offer with Flipdish, find out more about this here. Get signed up within minutes!

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Digital Ordering & Payment Kiosks

In today’s climate where we are all making efforts to maintain social distance, follow approved in-store layouts and have low dwell time in public spaces, it’s important that you help your customers move through your outlet quickly and efficiently for everyone’s safety. People are vastly more conscious of being close to others and as a result, your customers want to quickly proceed to a transaction with minimal queuing.

These challenges mean that In-store digital ordering and payment kiosk solutions are a very relevant and interesting technology option to consider. They offer a new frictionless way of ordering and payment, perfect for outlets looking to minimise customer contact and streamline their ordering process. These software options have numerous benefits, offering customers a secure and contactless restaurant experience while also allowing a reduction in service staff, increased transaction speed and therefore lowering your overall labour costs. Not to mention delivering you peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to ensure your customer and staff’s safety.


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