How to Future-proof Your Burgers

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…Because Burgers aren’t going anywhere!

Burgers are the number 1 dish and a staple item on your menu, and that’s not going to change in the next few years. Therefore you need to innovate and continue to deliver something new.



The consumer desire for quality isn’t going anywhere, which is why it’s essential that you offer the highest quality products in order to future proof your business. It starts with the patty; investing in better beef will ensure your customers get a great burger experience in your outlet, every time. The quality of the core patty will compliment a wide variety of build combinations and ultimately will translate to sales. You can trust Big Al’s burgers to deliver consistently on quality. Build your brand by communicating the quality ingredients or unique burger claims to customers on your menu. This ultimately builds trust, promotes word of mouth recommendations, and will help you stand out from the competition.



Did you know that 35% of consumers want to see new flavours on menus, and ensure they are staying on top of current trends? We live in a hyper-competitive era where customers are constantly looking for the next big thing to share on their social media. Limited time offers and seasonal builds are a great way to trial something new and generate customer interest. Carrying out a menu analysis and looking at what trendsetters are doing will help you stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re not sure where to get started, a great place is to look is our Resources page. Make sure you download one of our Menu Innovation Guides for inspiration and to see the latest food trends for this year. Check them here.



Consumer food trends change regularly, and it can be difficult to determine a short-term trend from a long-term trend and how much impact it will have on your business. But delivering choice to customers is important for repeat business. Tapping into lifestyle and dietary trends as such as flexitarian and Lacto-free can deliver an understanding of the market and more choice to consumers. Play around with on-trend toppings and buns to create burgers that show you are keeping up to date with what’s new.

If all this burger talk has got you thinking about the different burger options, ranges and innovations out there, make sure you check out our product range!

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