Football’s coming home! Are you ready?

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After a couple of months without any major football on our screens, we arrive at the start of the season with football fans’ appetite adequately whetted to follow their teams and watch the drama unfold over the next few months.

So if your venue televises live sport, grab a taste of the action with our tips for feeding hungry sports fans.

Handheld food

This one is probably the most fundamental aspect of catering for a crowd while screening live sport. Your venue is likely to get busy during live sporting events and offering handheld food means even if fans are standing to watch, they can still order food. Handheld food is also somewhat of a footballing tradition, whether grabbing a burger or hotdog on the way to the game, fans will associate these handheld options with attending football matches, so you can bring a taste of the action by replicating these fan favourites.

It’s all in the preparation

In the lead up to kick off, during half time and between matches, you will see a surge in bar orders. This can easily lead to bottlenecking and long wait times on orders – which runs the risk of a real tragedy; missing a goal while waiting at the bar! Consider implementing a menu that is easy and quick to prepare. This will reduce costs, ensure staff can prepare food without any culinary expertise and, most importantly, keep customers happy.

Special offers

The start of the season is your chance to set a stall. Premier league matches will be going on almost every week until May and showing customers your venue is the place to enjoy it all will prove very profitable over the coming months. With that in mind, make a big deal of the start of the season. Offer deals on buckets of beers which will appeal to football fans. If you can show customers a good time on the opening weekend, they’ll be back for the rest of the season!

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