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With important televised sporting events fast approaching, licensees should stock up with simple, satisfying bar snacks to ensure customers return to their establishment to watch match after match.

“Sporting events present a massive opportunity for outlets to boost sales, and getting your food offering right is essential for making the most of the occasion” says UK Foodservice Manager Ed Robinson. “When customers watch sports matches in pubs or bars, they’re looking for filling, tasty snacks which are easy to eat so they don’t cause too much distraction from the action on-screen.

“The Big Al’s range presents the ideal solution. It includes easy-to-prepare, satisfying bar snacks such as burgers which can be easily eaten whilst standing up during busy times.”

Big Al’s burgers are pre-cooked over an open flame, meaning a delicious taste is guaranteed every time. The products are frozen, which reduces waste and as they are pre-cooked any food safety worries are removed. The range only requires a freezer and a microwave to store and prepare and can be cooked from frozen in under two minutes, making it ideal for outlets with limited time, staff and equipment.

Catering for all crowds, the burgers can be heated up in an oven for larger volumes, or prepared in a microwave for smaller gatherings.

Robinson adds: “Providing tasty food options during matches will also maximise the length of time that customers will stay in your outlet after the match finishes, boosting your wet sales.

“Big Al’s burgers can be served in a number of ways to suit your requirements.  You could add variety to your burger menu by adding lettuce and tomato, bacon, cheese sauce or jalapeno pepper, or cross-selling burgers with other food or drinks.

“Alternatively, keep things simple during busy matches – Big Al’s versatile burgers are just as delicious when served alone on a bun.

“The high quality result and delicious flame-cooked taste will keep customers coming back time and time again.”

The range is backed by posters, menus and price cards enabling stockists to set their own prices. For more information on the range please call 01772 688 300.


Plan ahead: why not offer customers the chance to pre-order their burger for half-time or full-time? This will enable you to serve snacks quickly during rush periods, increasing customer satisfaction. It will also encourage customers to stay in your establishment longer after the match ends, boosting drinks sales.

The perfect combination: create special ‘beer and burger’ offers for matches to maximise sales.

Consistency is key: serving pre-cooked snacks such as Big Al’s burgers means your customers are guaranteed a consistently delicious snack every match.

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