The Alpine Grill Takeaway Interview

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Antonio Delgreco took over the Alpine Grill in Artane, Dublin four years ago – and kept the name because it had a great reputation. Today, the Alpine Grill is still famous for its fresh cod fillet, and Antonio knows all his customers by name.


Name? Name of Business? Antonio Delgreco, Alpine Grill, Artane, Dublin


When did you open? I opened here 4 years ago. I’ve been many years in this business – previously I had other places around Dublin. I didn’t change the name when I took over here because this has been the Alpine Grill for 45 years and it has a great reputation.

What kind of services do you offer customers? We have a broad menu; we’re open from 5pm until 1am every day and we do deliveries.

How many staff do you employ? Three staff, plus me and my mother, who’s amazing!

What, in your opinion, makes your place unique to your customers? Our fish – fresh cod – is famous. And I’m introducing a lot of new stuff from Big Al’s, which the young people like. And we’re very friendly. We see the same customers every day and we care about them.

What do you most like about the job? I love everything about it, I am a chef and I care about making my customers happy

What’s your busiest time? We’re busy Thursday to Sunday 5pm to 10pm. Trade is steady year round because this isn’t a tourist area – we wouldn’t see summer visitors. We know all our customers by name.

What’s the biggest challenge facing you in business at the moment? People don’t have loads of money in their pockets.

What is competition like in the area? There are three other chippers in this area; plus Domino’s, Apache Pizza and Chinese. I’ve noticed some of the Chinese places are doing burgers now as well… but our customers are happy and keep coming back to us.

Is there anything the government could be doing to make your life easier? Everything! I wouldn’t know where to begin!

If you could invite someone famous to dinner who would it be? I’m not bothered about famous people.

How do you manage the work-life balance? I work every day of the year – but in summer I take off two months, and I head far away to the sun.   

What does it take to do your job successfully? Keep people happy and prepare nice food

What’s your business motto? People eat with their eyes. You need good photos and menus, which is why I’m happy with Big Al’s.



What’s your best-selling menu item? Our fresh cod. We also sell smoked cod and ray, but our fresh cod – straight out of the sea – is the winner.

What’s new on your menu? I’ve recently tried out Big Al’s prime burger as well as the low-fat wrap. The burger is doing great.

How many meal deals do you do? I have maybe 20 meal deals on the menu, but I can make anything on the menu into a meal deal. Just ask! The saving is 30-40c, and 60c on the fish

What’s your most expensive item? The fresh cod is €6.50 (€9.20 meal deal)

How do you promote new menu items? I use great posters. If people don’t see, they don’t ask. I also leaflet houses in the area. And I have my own website, as well as Facebook.


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