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 How to Simplify Your back-of-house Operations with Our Menu Solutions

Figuring out how to operate successfully while also providing reassurance to both consumers and employees is a task currently facing all operators.

There has never been a bigger spotlight on food safety and kitchen hygiene, therefore it is essential that your product choices aid in providing back-of-house kitchen solutions, such as…

Reducing kitchen movements and cooking steps

The more a food handler physically moves around a kitchen preparing food, touching the surfaces and appliances, the higher the risk probability is of transferring bacteria or germs to colleagues or customers. Frozen or pre-prepared options simply require opening and cooking & serving, and thus reduce the risk of any cross-contamination through kitchen movements. Having reduced cooking steps with pre-prepared products also means that kitchens can run on reduced staff, as fewer cooks will be needed to create dishes. This could work to support social distancing measures while also minimising labour costs.

Reducing waste

Using frozen, pre-cooked and pre-prepared products on your menu can massively reduce your kitchen waste. Frozen will give your kitchen an advantage as footfall proves difficult to predict; chefs will only open and use exactly what they need, when they need it– resulting in increased profitability for your business.

Increasing kitchen flexibility

With current social distancing regulations, changes in consumers’ mindset and unpredictable footfall, there is a lot of pressure on operators and simple solutions are needed. Pre-prepared and frozen products allow kitchen staff to quickly and easily prepare the food they need for that day on that day, keeping the focus on servicing customers with speed and getting sales through the till. Keep processes and kitchen set-up simple. All of our product ranges minimise the number of steps required in cooking processes, which also reduces the number of staff required in the kitchen. This makes it easier to socially distance back-of-house. As our products all come frozen, this means no waste and thus enhanced profitability at a time when foodservice businesses need it most.

Relax with our fully cooked range

We’ve done the hard work, battering, breading and seasoning to perfection, so your team can focus on serving your valuable customers with speed. Our pre-prepared products are fully cooked, simple to serve, convenient and deliver consistency every time. Ready in just minutes, simply pop in a fryer or oven!


Enjoy a stress-free kitchen with our flame-grilled, fully cooked product range

Reduce your prep and serve time with our flame grilled and fully cooked range. Cooked using authentic cooking processes for the best taste, including flame grilling, stone baking and beechwood smoking! They can work in any kitchen, either heat in an oven or microwave –it couldn’t be any simpler. There is no need for experienced or additional staff, these are real profit driving products.

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