McDonald’s Reconsiders Wings as Small Gets Big Again

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The “mini” trend seemed to have played itself out last year when BK Burger Minis came and went at Burger King, but the increasing popularity of snack items—especially chicken snack foods such as Chicken McBites—is making small big time again.

Apparently not satisfied with the success of the McBites, McDonald’s is again testing the popularity of deep-fried chicken wings. Mighty Wings are now being offered in selected stores in Atlanta, with operators there saying availability is planned to spread across the area by early August. McDonald’s has tried the Mighty Wings product in the U.S. before, in the 1990s. It branded them as Chicken McWings when offered last year in Australia. They’re currently on the menu in Spain simply as Alitas de Pollo or chicken wings.

On the West Coast, the Ruby’s Diner chain has revived mini burgers by bringing back Sliders to the menu at its Southern California locations.

And Jack in the Box gives the mini revival its own creative spin with the addition this week of Mini Corn Dogs. They’re offered in five-piece servings.

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