McDonalds plans for the future

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McDonlad’s recent history show that they have been pretty aggressive at moving the needle at breakfast and at building their breakfast share. They’ve been aggressive with beverages, too. They had blue ocean for awhile with blended-ice [drinks such as frappés] before a lot of people tried to copy what they were doing. And they’re going to continue to work with beverage opportunities.

They’ve also begun to look at opportunities with their core menu and reassessing their customer base to know what they want and what McDonlads can deliver at their speed and at a price the customer is willing to pay.

The Mighty Wings are an example. – Trialing this product with a set number of outlets to see is there demand for this type of product. The company have been working with the McWrap product recently and think it’s going to be a terrific product for the market. McDonlad’s have announced that we will begin to see some reformulations of some of their core items, like Quarter Pounders.

Just have to watch this space to see what those golden arches will be doing next.

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