KFC launch BBQ Rancher

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Almost 12 months ago we saw the launch of the Brazer, a griddled chicken breast which was available as a Burger, Twister and Salad. Whilst initial market test’s were promising the Brazer has slipped into oblivion with sales figures failing to deliver as expected. A hard to eat burger with too much bun, a relatively tasteless twister and at best a bland salad have all led to the plug being pulled on the Brazer. However after such a large investment it was inevitable that we would see another attempt at a griddled piece of chicken….

Welcome to the “BBQ Rancher”. A new Deli roll, BBQ Rancher fillet, New special BBQ Sauce, Plain mayo and Iceberg salad all slammed together is sure to set the taste buds tingling. The options are similar to the Brazer, a Burger, Twister and a Salad and will now be available to purchase as Box Meal with a piece of Original Receipe Chicken, side order, fries and a drink.

The BBQ Sauce on the Rancher is an all new recipe. Rumor has it is from a newly discovered recipe book which was written by the Colonel himself…. Believe what you will but this gives the BBQ Ramcher a real sense of heritage and brand ownership. It promises to deliver a great taste and I for one can’t wait to try it.

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