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Digital menuboards are fast becoming the norm in Fast Food outlets throughout Ireland.

Quick Service Restaurant operators are quickly discovering that changing menus over from paper and plastic to digital menu boards is just the start of a powerful digital makeover.

Digital menu boards increase a fast food outlets’ profitability and customer satisfaction, reduce perceived wait times and are infinitely more responsive than the print alternative. They are the future for in store up-selling and management.

Digital screens allow your products to be seen in higher definition with animated graphics that make products look more appealing. With some solutions, it is possible to easily plan and automate a morning, afternoon and evening time menu boards.

The rise of more integrated and connected digital signage solutions is bringing unprecedented opportunities for the restaurant owners.

Going digital is the future for your business, with the of digital menuboards being:

Digital signage help restaurant owners to provide real-time tailored and relevant messages, such as:

Digital menu boards are the future so make sure you don’t get left in the past.

Kepak’s Digital Menuboard Pack

To register your interest our Kepak’s digital menuboard package, simply submit your details below and a member of our team will be in touch.



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