Is a Tzatziki McWrap Next?

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McDonald’s new Premium McWrap is more than a new menu item, it is, in restaurant parlance, a new “platform,” meaning different varieties can be added. Part of its appeal is that almost anything can be rolled in a flour tortilla and added as a McWrap LTO without requiring major crew retraining. The first three varieties are Chicken Ranch, Sweet Chili Chicken and Chicken Ranch. What will it try next?

In Canada, where the product is branded Signature McWrap, the initial line includes a Fiesta Chicken wrap with grilled or crispy chicken, shredded cheese, lettuce, tri-color tortilla strips, tomato salsa and mayo.

But if McDonald’s really wants to keep to its stated intention of importing global flavors, it could try the Tzatziki McWrap. Interestingly, McDonald’s this month has begun offering three different versions of the product, all featuring the Greek-style yogurt sauce.

In Hungary the Tzatziki McWrap has grilled pork, “Mediterranean cheese,” red onion and bell pepper with tzatziki. In Sweden the Tzatziki McWrap is seasoned ground beef, lettuce, fresh cucumber, red onion rings, cheese and tzatziki. Want it in chicken? The version now offered at McDonald’s in Belgium wraps crispy chicken, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, fried onion and tzatziki in the tortilla. Any of these could work.

There’s no indication McDonald’s has plans to bring the Tzatziki McWrap to the U.S., but there’s also no reason it couldn’t or shouldn’t. McDonald’s likes Mediterranean flavors. In July it offered a Mediterranean Chicken Snack Wrap with feta cheese in Canada. It also has tried Thai Shrimp and Chili Beef McWraps in Austria and an Omelette Wrap in Germany. After all, what good is a platform if you can’t try new things?

Source: Burger Business

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