Optimise your Menu During COVID19

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5 recommendations to help you rethink your menu today!

We know times are tough. It’s a time of great uncertainty, and its hard to know what is right for your business. On the other hand, staying front of mind is pivotal, and there’s a host of new eating occasions which we can use to boost your business. We’ve given it some thought, and come up with the below ideas, inspo and advice to help future-proof your menu.

Focus on Profitability

A good menu has a diverse offer which can appeal to all the family, but it’s worth considering given some options the….chop (pardon the pun) if it’s going to harm your profitability. Your customers will absolutely understand given the circumstances, and this gives you a great opportunity to either try cut those options you’ve wanted to, or to test out more resource-light menu ideas. Think about how much time and ingredients are taken in some dishes, and not in others. Consult the team and then turn the focus to where your margin is highest, reducing or removing those which don’t lend a high margin or help you cut your costs.

Reduce Complexity

With potential staffing & cashflow challenges, it’s best to focus on your staples. Maybe it’s a case of removing those offers that took too long to put together or streamlining down your menu options as they currently are. It’s not all about cutting and removing, it could be a simple matter of asking your staff what would make their days easier too!

Think about what can be made easiest and requires the least resources during an already busy time.

Those Offers can Wait

To quote our industry partners Flipdish, hold off on offers such as Limited Time Offers until you get through this situation. They also held a very informative webinar exploring all things #COVID19 for food businesses, you can catch it here. The likelihood is that there’s an economic change coming, save the offers for a time when your customers need them most. Your customers will appreciate them even more at this point.

Family First Focus

With parents working from home, feeding the family, entertaining kids and productivity at work can be quite the challenge! Even the thought of trying to get some work done with children in the same room doesn’t work for most people, but it’s the new normal for the time being.  Why not offer family friendly meal deals to make their days a little easier? You could even offer out free packets of earplugs via your delivery driver feels really bad for them ?

Think Outside the Box

So many new eating occasions are being created – it can be hard to keep up! We meant what we said about offers being held off until a time when they’re more needed by your customers, but as an alternative you can reshape your current menu to package your products and offers in a relevant light. Think what’s happening in your customers lives right now and how your offering can mirror this.

For example: Offer feel-good lunch options for people working from home, or focus on indulgent /treat options for people who are feeling the blues while being stuck at home.


Below are some ideas of promotions or menu items to focus on. Have some fun, be a bit light-hearted your customers need to be entertained where possible!



Treat your Loved Ones!

Want to treat someone you care about, while you can’t see them: why not order them their favourite takeaway! We’ll even put in a note from you.


Celebrate your Birthday!

Celebrating a birthday in lockdown? FREE portion of chicken tenders for every birthday guy or gal! Just let us know when you order and send along proof.

The Family Favorite

Order for the whole family with two adult meals and two kids meals for only €24.99.

Got a Hot Date during Quarantine?

We got you covered if Love is in the air. Simply order delivery to your new squeeze’s house and then video call them! What could be easier?

Dining Alone?

Home alone and feeling peckish? Cooking for 1 sucks, so we’ve got you covered! Check out our Delicious Deals for 1.

Tough Day?

Whether you’re working from the kitchen table or the outside shrubbery to hide from your kids, we know that work is still work. Treat yo’ self!

Midweek Rescue

Forgot what day of the week it is? Wednesday is the new Saturday! Let us cook tonight, order now for free delivery.

Netflix & Chilli

The only netflix and chill we want to talk about involves our chilli! Surprise your quarantine buddy with dinner and a movie on the couch tonight!

Fuel Your Fire

Taking up new exercises and hobbies to pass the time during lockdown? Fuel your body and creativity with something tasty!

Healthy Options

With all this confusion, it’s super important to focus on your wellness right now.

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